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LPJ Bookkeepers engage directly with clients to provide outstanding service through value and innovation.

Peggy Jardine, the founding principal of LPJ Bookkeeping, is a QuickBooks ProAdvisor and a Small Business Specialist.
As an experienced bookkeeping professional for over 30 years, Peggy is a "strategic" outside-the-box planner, using advanced 
skills to assist clients in developing better money management for their business.
Proficient in remediating insufficient accounting practices by previous bookkeepers, she has a proven record of analysis and plan implementation for improved cash flow reporting.

Our senior bookkeeping specialists at LPJ Bookkeeping work with small business owners to offer them a detailed alternative to their current bookkeeping. Providing value-based and accountable strategies, they are dedicated to implementation and proven results.With our combination of technology and dedicated specialists, we offer a full range of services. We have a network of professionals that will complete your Small Business Team.

Bookkeeping, Payroll, Cash Management, Financial Reports and more. 
Examine our services to learn more. No matter what your needs, we will develop a plan for you.